Use & Care

The Brush

Shaving Brush

How to use your brush

  1. When it comes to the water you use with your brush, never boil it, or use water you wouldn't leave your hand in. If the water is too hot, it'll loosen the bond keeping the bristles together, which can lead to excessive shedding. The right temperature water will be better for the brush and your skin.
  2. When whipping up your lather, your finger tips should be grasping the base of the bristles where they meet the handle, with the flat of the handle against your palm. Whip the lather using only the TIPS of the bristles (no need to squash!). This will keep the bristles intact for ages.
  3. Latherwhip brushes have a 'Bulb' loft, so they are designed for 'PAINTING' the lather onto your face, rather than the 'mashing' technique. 'Mashing' with a 'Bulb' loft will severely decrease the life of your brush.
  4. Finally, when you rinse the brush, start by holding it 'bristles up' under a gentle stream of (appropriately heated :p) water - and then hold it 'bristles down' and wring the bristles out. Do this by gently squeezing the bristles between your fingers and thumb.
  5. To finish, hold the brush at the neck (where the bristles and handle meet) between your forefinger and thumb - and GENTLY (but firmly) shake the brush a couple of times. Vigorous shaking while holding the handle will damage the brush. So don't do that :)

How to care for your brush

The most common complaint we see from folks talking about *other* shaving brushes is that they lost their bristles, or fell apart too soon. These complaints tend to come from folks who chose a cheap brush, or were never shown the correct way to maintain their brushes in the first place.

  1. When you're finished with the brush, you should always rinse it thoroughly and squeeze the excess cream or soap out of the bristles. Give it several firm 'flicks' or 'shakes' into the sink to get rid of the excess water and hang your brush BRISTLES DOWN.
  2. If you have a shaving stand, that'll work perfectly. Alternatively, you can actually fashion a 'hanger' from a simple paperclip, coat hanger or wire if needs be.
  3. If worst comes to worst and you can't hang it upside down for whatever reason, then it's best to leave the brush on it's side for the water to drain.
  4. Proper storage protects your brush and its bonding from water damage, reduces the risk of 'shedding', and ensures a long lifetime of use.

How to deal with musk

Because these brushes use a higher quality grade of natural badger hair, you may notice a slight musk, which you may or may not want to keep (it's very much down to the individual). And even though the bristles are naturally soft, you may prefer them to be even softer for your shaves (you can do that too). Again, this is an individual preference.

  1. As soon as you get your brush, wash it in soap and hot water then let it soak for an hour or so in sudsy water.
  2. When you return to the brush, shake it out, lather it up with your favorite soap or shaving cream and leave it like that overnight.
  3. In the morning wash it out again, lather up and Hey Presto - Your brush should feel softer by at least 50% :) The musk should be fainter too.
  4. You can repeat the process a few times overnight and the musk will dissipate altogether.

A note on shedding

With proper care, there should be very little shedding after the first several uses. Naturally, each person shaves and cares for their equipment differently, so it's difficult to give you an exact number.

In general, shedding a bristle or two the first several shaves is normal, and the "rule of thumb" is that you shouldn't be shedding more than 10 bristles per shave. If you see that amount of shedding, please get in touch and we'll get you a replacement brush.

    The Stand

    What's in the box

    The stand itself will arrive to you in a classy outer box, with the disassembled stand inside. It's extremely easy and intuitive to put together. You could assemble by hand, or you could choose to use a Phillips head screwdriver instead.

    There are THREE sections:

    1. The Base (the circle bit)
    2. The Stem (the long thin bit)
    3. The Head (the bit with the prongs)

      Shaving Stand

      How to assemble your stand

      1. Take the Stem and unscrew the 'Cap' at the top, by hand
      2. Place the Head on top of the Stem
      3. Replace the 'Cap' and screw it in firmly to secure the Head in place
      4. Turn the Base upside down and remove the non-slip disc
      5. Either hold the Base screw in place by hand or or use a screwdriver
      6. Screw the Stem onto the Base Screw firmly
      7. Replace the non-slip disc


       Shaving StandShaving Stand

      The Mug

      How to use your mug

      1. Hold the mug by placing the base on the flats of your four fingers and hold the 'peg' handle in place with your thumb for the most stability. The insulating ceramic means you can use hot water without burning yourself. But as always - be careful! :)
      2. The three ridges at the base of the Latherwhip mug ensure you can whip up a perfect lather using cream + water, a cut of soap + water, or even place an entire puck of soap in the bowl if you wish (leaving room for air and water to circulate).
      3. Want to avoid the 'clinking' of the brush handle against the rim? Grip your shaving brush at the very base of the bristles (with the flat base of the handle in your palm) and whip up your lather that way. this method keeps the bristles more rigid too!


      Shaving Mug