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Benefits & Features

  • Best Badger Grade Hair ensures dense bristle load, excellent lathering ability, and one bristle type
  • 100% Black Badger Bristles provide superior exfoliation and unmatched water retention
  • Softer and stronger than comparably priced "pure badger" shave brushes
  • High-quality resin handle fits snugly in your hands, resists bumps and scrapes, and outlasts wood
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty guarantees years of carefree use

A Master Craftsman Uses The Best Tools...

The way you shave is as unique to you as your fingerprints, so for die-hard wet shave enthusiasts, those who appreciate the finer things in life and those who appreciate real value and authentic quality... you'll know the difference when you pick up a Latherwhip Badger Hair Shaving Brush. 

If you're looking to have real confidence in your shave, you'll want to use the best tools - and Latherwhip spent months designing its very best model, to deliver on that promise to you.

Luxury Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Widely considered superior to other animal bristles and synthetic fibers, these badger bristles hold moisture and heat incredibly, while remaining soft on your skin and exfoliating as you go for a more healthful, nourished look.

While it's true, these bristles aren't as 'soft' as the more costly Silvertip variety, Latherwhip bristles are also much purer and higher in quality than other brushes claiming to be 'pure' badger. This grade was chosen specifically because the extra 'firmness' it has over silvertip varieties, helps work on hardier soaps to create a thicker lather, in less time.

Unmatched Quality and Value

Blends precision with 'area of application' for a shave that covers the exact area you need, without sacrificing on speed. Designed for Wet Shaving with Safety Razors, Double Edge Razors or Straight Razors.


  • Best Badger Grade Hair
  • 100% Black Badger Bristles
  • Masterfully crafted 22mm knot
  • Expansive 54mm bulb loft
  • Elegant resin handle that outlasts wood
  • Packaged in an elegant gift box

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