The Stand
The Stand
The Stand
The Stand

The Stand

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Benefits & Features

  • Dries your bristles and blades faster
  • Gorgeous finish doesn't show water spots
  • Heavyweight base with a tip-proof and non-slip design
  • Ultimate stability with style - no wobbling
  • Screw-together construction
  • Packaged in an elegant gift box
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty

Extends The Life Of Your Brush - By hanging your brush bristles down after a few quick flicks and a squeeze, you allow superior air flow and gravity to dry the shaving brush further and faster, so the bristles stay cleaner and the bond stays intact to minimize shedding over time.

Enhances The Hygiene Of Your Tools - Having your shaving tools hang in the stand keeps them suspended to eliminate dirt, damp and a built up of bacteria keeping them clean and fresh, resulting in a better, cleaner shave time and time again.

Perfect For Display And Convenience - The sleek design of the Latherwhip Stand complements any bathroom or shave setting, with its pristine matte black finish, you're adding an unrivaled level of style and sophistication to your shave, whilst keeping the area neat and tidy for next time.

Approximate Product Measurements

The weight is approximately 12 ounces which is primarily concentrated in the base. This concentration provides the essential stability lesser stands simply do not possess. The stand is approximatedly 5.9 inches tall (150mm) and is approximately 3.7 inches wide.

The brush opening is approximately 1 inch (27mm) and the Latherwhip Shaving Brush fits tightly into it. In general, nearly all shaving brushes will fit into the opening. Finally, the razor opening is approximately .5 inches (12mm) and it will fit most traditional razors nicely.

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