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The Mug
The Mug
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The Mug

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Benefits & Features
  • Whip up the ultimate lather - The perfect mug to whip up a luxurious lather while retaining heat
  • Solid built ceramic - The masculine and hardy construction ensures you have a mug that lasts years
  • Raised 3-ridge base - For incredibly effective lathering whether you're using soap, cream or a puck
  • Apothecary style handle - Get a secure and sturdy grip to ensure maximum stability and comfort
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty 

The Perfect Lathering Environment - The dimensions of the bowl are designed to give you enough space to whip up a thick, excellent, luxurious lather while fitting your hand perfectly.

The Solid Ceramic Construction - With some reasonable heft that doesn't sacrifice on handling, you know you're holding a reliable, hardy shaving mug that's going to last.

Raised Ridge Base - The secret to highly effective shaving mugs no matter the style or design, the triple ridges give a little extra room at the base to assist with lather production, allowing you to place a full puck in the mug, or add a little extra friction where it's needed if you're using a dab of cream or chunk of soap.

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